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10th Jan 2021
to 10th Jul 2021

Age Range
13 - 17


Nakatomi is the third studio album to be released by the Waterford six piece Sons Phonetic.
The Tramore natives and life long friends are no strangers to the task at hand. With fifteen plus years of writing, recording, producing and performing live.

They have an extensive body of work, in which they showcase a healthy competition amongst each-other, but at the same time gelling well to create some of the best hip hop music this country has ever heard.

Previous releases ranging from group efforts like "Twelve Labours" and "Forgotten cuts", to each members solo e.p's, as well as numerous offerings from Nylon Primate aka Mook. Their last release in 2017, went under the name of "Delorean's" was a nostalgic ode to the era in which they grew up.

Fast forward now to 2021 and after a well deserved break from music, the itch had to be scratched and thus one studio session led to another. One verse became a full song, and naturally one full song became two, and so the domino effect snowballed into the project that's created today's "Nakatomi". Having released singles from this project, it is already being well received. Something which is consistent with the sons is the quality of the product.

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