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1st Sep 2023
to 23rd Nov 2023

Age Range

Needlework: crafting our social and cultural heritage

Our city libraries of Westside, Ballybane and Galway City support craft groups that are both communities of place and also communities of interest. The inclusive nature of our craft groups means that they are reflective of the cultural diversity that is Galway City. The traditions of fibre crafting are shared, explored and encouraged. As fewer people pass on the skills of craftwork there is a danger that the stories and recollections which accompany these creative acts will be lost. 
Through this application we seek to engage needlework facilitators in the traditional skills of Aran Knitting, Embroidery and crochet to teach the old traditional stitches, such as those of Aran knitting, capture the techniques via video recording and create an exhibition in conjunction with the Galway City Museum. We also wish to showcase the embroidery skillset and create tapestries that encompass the rich cultural heritage represented in our craft groups thus creating a new social story of the life of Galway through needlework.
The project is a city wide initiative allowing for the voices of East, West and Central to be heard through the sharing of skills, traditions and anchoring them as a visual installation in our City Museum.

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