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3rd May 2021
to 30th Jun 2021

Age Range
All ages

No One Cares - A Short Film

No One Cares is a short script that explores the prejudices and societal complications that young gender non-conformative individuals, within Cavan, have experienced. The script was created through a series of interviews conducted with young transgender and non-binary teenagers from County Cavan to understand their perspective of the world.
The narrative explores conversations surrounding gender identity and questions how society can support young people who are transitioning to feel accepted within their communities. By engaging with a small group of people, the LGBTQ community within the county, this piece explores what it is to be transgender in rural County Cavan, and investigates our understanding of gender and identity in this setting.

The short film will be distributed online as part of the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival's partnership with Dublin Pride in their 2021 programme of events.

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