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6th Oct 2020
to 5th Nov 2020

Age Range
13 - 17

Northside Youth Space


Northside Youth Space Art Collaboration

Grounded in socially engaged art, this proposed work about voice and democracy has young people's voice at its heart. Placed in the context of the move towards an art that is accessible and engaging to all, it also attends to the highest standards of working with young people. The various forms of visual arts it incorporates including photography and fine art painting are realised to the highest standard.

The proposed art will be based in the community and so it will interact directly with both the young people directly involved and the wider public. Through public visual art and dialogue it will promote and challenge people's perceptions about what art can be, leaving them with new ideas, questions and knowledge about the usefulness of art and who has a right to access it. through art places directly in people's homes it troubles the power paradigms of portraiture and gives direct access to families to the world of fine art painting. Facilitated by Artist Enda Griffin. 

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