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2nd Oct 2023
to 30th Oct 2023

Age Range

Of Reeds and Stone, Part 2

Of Reeds and Stone, Part 2 is the working title given to two community-based, re-enactment events that draw on oral accounts found within the Dúchas archives relating to the use of local reeds to make candles.

Within the context of local repair and making cultures such accounts, specifically relate to female, domestic activities and economies that would have taken place primarily in people’s kitchens. Reverse engineering these recipes, the aim will be to re-enact this making process and to document and learn about how local reeds were utilised in this manner.

As part of this process, two evening events will be held across Westmeath in Oct 2023 during which a wider public can engage with the recipes and re-enactment histories, with attention being paid to the local families whose knowledges were referred in these accounts.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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