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1st Jun 2023
to 28th Feb 2024

Age Range
9-12 and/or 13-18

Of The Castle We Speak

The proposal for the arts Decade of Centenaries project for 2023 was to create a young adult novel which incorporated a number of events that occurred in Louth during the period 1912-1922. 

Writer Nicola Cassidy, has been working with local historian Donal Hall and illustrator  Sophie Coyle to create what was initially going to be a short story incorporating a number of local events in Louth.  As the project organically grew it has grown into a short novel centered around a young girl, who went to serve in the house of the Bellingham family. The various events in Louth during this period are featured through experiences of the girl, her family and members of the Bellingham Family. Working title is “Of the Castle we Speak”.

The Bellingham family is a true and factual family of the time based in Castlebellingham which is the central location in Louth and all the events that the family members are involved in are historical events that occured at the time. 

The inital chapters and illustrations are with the printers, sample will be included in the part b. 

The story is so engaging we have secured an ISBN and will send copies to each school library in the county and have copies in each of the LCC libraries. 

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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