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Oidhreacht Ghaeltacht Ráth Chairn

1st Jun 2020
to 31st Dec 2020

Age Range
All ages

A heritage committee has been established in the Ráth Chairn gaeltacht to document the folklore associated with the move of the migrants from Galway to Meath in 1935. The material collected will be made available  in the Heritage Centre in Ráth Chairn.

The initiative involves interviewing, photographing and recording family members who remember the move and the stories associated with settling into a new community in Meath.

The heritage group will manage the whole process from identifying key members of the community to interview, to the filming and recording of the interviews and the final stage of making the material accessible online and in hard-copy at the new Heritage Centre.

The heritage group will work in partnership with the Heritage Officer of Meath County Council, the local branch of the library service in Ráth Chairn, Comharcumman Ráth Chairn and Dámh na Mí.

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