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1st Aug 2024
to 31st Oct 2024

Age Range
All ages

Waterford Gallery of Art

31-32 O'Connell Street
Waterford City

O(map) Creative Professional Development for Artists

Catherine Barron is the author of O(map) Theory of Creativity, a book which explores the scientific theory behind the creative process. This initiative will see Catherine converting the data in her book into a practical professional development resource for artists in Waterford and beyond.

The main milestones:

To engage with the relatively new and evolving global community of artistic intervention researchers and designers at the up-coming AoMO (Art of Organisation and Management) conference in France in August ’24, where Catherine Barron will deliver a performance lecture on the O(map) theory of creativity, and O(map) interactive workshop. AoMO mission; the exploration and promotion of the arts (in the most inclusive sense) as a means of understanding management and organizational life and its contexts.

To present a selection of artistic interventions from the conference, collaboratively curated and facilitated by Catherine Barron and Sharon Fidgeon, to artists (open to all disciplines) in Co. Waterford; by recreating the most innovative workshop experiences, with a view to sharing knowledge and promoting interest in this branch of creative practice. 

To build networks and community amongst artists interested in pursuing the potential for greater integration of artistic practices as a key contributor in developing organisations at every level and in every sphere of human activity. Principle aim; to empower artists to empower others, to make a better world.

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