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On the Wings of a Butterfly

This creative and innovative project focuses on the initiative, Write a Science Opera (WASO).        

Write a Science Opera (WASO) is a creative professional development approach to music and science education in which pupils of different ages, supported by teachers, opera artists and scientists, become the creators of an educational performance. WASO integrates science education into the original method by involving scientists who lead a creative process demonstrating common impulses shared by science and the arts. 

On the Wings of a Butterfly follows the WASO approach. The project will be run by Louth Library Service and take place in Dundalk Library, Roden Place, Dundalk. It will be facilitated by artist Daithí Kearney and scientist Bridget Kelly, assisted by students from Dundalk Institute of Technology. Over six weeks in September and October 2019, fifth-class pupils from 3 local primary schools in Dundalk will explore the life of a butterfly, their impact on human life and the threats of climate change and pollution. School teachers will be encouraged to link the WASO process to the school curriculum with opportunities to create links with other classroom-based activities.

This project will uniquely hone in on and empower the creativity in every child. 

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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