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2nd Jun 2022
to 15th Aug 2022

Age Range
13-18 and/or 18+

Open Call 2022 - Aireannach Association - Folaine - Folaine

The project came into focus after a talk about wells that was organised by Sligo Archaeologist Tamlyn McHugh through Sligo Field club and Sligo County Council. It was fascinating to discover that there are over 60 wells alone in the South Sligo area. Peter Martin and Margaret Kilcoyne local based artists in collaboration with Flourish community and South Sligo community came up with the idea of harnessing the power of ritual through film, to draw attention to some of the lesser known wells in South Sligo like that of St Kierans well in Kilmactigue.

It was born out of a discussion about grief and what that means to a local community. Certain wells, stones are connected with birth (birthing stones), infant loss and regeneration and hope it what we see in rag trees that surround the Holy well at Carrowroe.

Peter Martin is a highly regarded well known film-maker and has worked on various projects for Creative Ireland 'Ancestors' by Bettina Seitz. He proposes to shoot the project on a 35mm film reel which will give the project a sense of past meeting present, this is to reflect the respect of our ancestors and their connection with their  local wells and what we experience now as Sligo residents in our connection to hope in stressful times where grief has been a major part of our existence over the last couple of years after experiencing a global pandemic. Filming dates are to co-inside with the garland ceremonies in 2022.  

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