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1st Jun 2022
to 1st Oct 2022

Age Range
All ages

Open Call 2022 - Ceolaras Coleman - Recording of South Sligo Music and Culture

Over the years, we have given a series of lectures in the Coleman Centre on the history of south Sligo music, its evolution over the decade’s, the ornamentations, the bouncy style and the influences over the years with emphasis on the foundation of fiddle, flute and the demonstrations of each with the background and techniques etc.

The usual audience for those lectures is visiting groups of 30-40 tourists or a school group of 15-20 students. With the recording of those lectures we hope to promote the history of south Sligo music, the Coleman Centre and the wider County of Sligo as a hub of music and culture to a national and international audience. At the present moment in our music gift shop we have clients buying CDs of the music from as far as field as Japan, America, and Australia. By having this available online, it will help to develop the knowledge and interest in the Traditional Arts and hopefully in the long term it will bring enthusiasts to visit the area of the county those were recordings were made and thus help to develop the socio-economic infrastructure of rural Sligo and give opportunities to tourist industry.

The plan is to record the musicians/historians who deliver those lectures at the Coleman Centre who are experts on the music of south Sligo.

As a starting point, we plan to record four lectures and have them available to locals and also worldwide through our website and social media.

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