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1st Jun 2022
to 31st Oct 2022

Age Range
All ages

Open Call 2022 - Unoccupied

“Unoccupied”, is a 3D art exhibition hosted in a commercial space in the centre of Sligo Town. The exhibition will take place over 9 days, with public having inside access to the space over two consecutive weekends between July 2022 - October 2022. With “Unoccupied”, we want to expand in both size and scope, from our previous events. Seven artists and musicians will create work influenced by empty spaces, exploring topics such as the current housing crisis, dereliction, displacement, conflict and untapped potential. It will include a mixture of sculpture, projection and live performance.

We will be opening one of the most prominent buildings in the centre of Sligo, colloquially known as the Source Building. Work will be displayed through its large windows, throughout the 9 days. By giving the public access and reason to look at a space experiencing prolonged vacancy, we ask the question why. We ask the community to consider the possibilities that lie behind closed doors, with the ultimate goal of inspiring others to reimagine the empty. Our goal for this exhibition is to inspire a sense of action when looking at empty spaces and to highlight the potential of spaces we have readily available in Sligo town. By giving the community access, we allow prospective business owners and artists to see opportunities to use existing spaces, to benefit commerce and creativity. We also hope to continue to improve our practice and grow as a collective. 

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