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1st Jun 2021
to 31st Aug 2021

Age Range
All ages

Open Call Project: Aireanach Night Visitor

Aireanach refers to the traditional Irish custom of “Night visiting” whereby music and storytelling would be shared on the roadside in a village or at an individual's house. Since visiting is off the cards for us all during a global pandemic this project aims to bring the feeling and warmth of a night visit into Sligo resident's homes. The group plan to execute this through a series of expertly produced films.

This project's primary aim is to combine the traditional idea of night rambling with modern wanderlust backed by the dulcet tones of the very talented Joe O'Grady who has dedicated his life mastering the South Sligo style of fiddle playing. They aim to capture the breathtaking scenery of Sligo both North and South with a particular focus on what the county looks like at night or dusk with a keen focus on the majestic countryside that surrounds Lough Talt, Co Sligo. This will be voiced with a collection of stories that will be narrated by Margaret Kilcoyne. 

Local people will be approached for stories that inspire the imagination at night in the countryside. These stories may have a supernatural element and upon further investigation may connect to our ancient past as Celts and Irish people. In particular the farming communities of North and South Sligo will be consulted and the group will also be researching how climate change has effected their livlihoods and these encounters will be woven into the filmaking process.

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