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8th Aug 2023
to 22nd Aug 2023

Age Range
All ages

Newtowncunningham Orange Hall

Newtowncunningham Orange Hall
Main Street
F93 RD79

Orange and Green

The workshops will bring together those from different traditions on the Island of Ireland that come from diverse communities to examine 1.) the origins and history of both organisations 2.) the cultural aspect that both organisations have developed and have today – the provision of facilities and their relevance in today's society – how they have provided space for communities to come together over the years. 3.) the music and bands that are associated with each organisation – this will involve bringing together bands/individuals from both traditions to perform selected pieces that show similarity in tunes but have different lyrics. 4.) Examine the different forms of banners that are used by the organisations looking at their cultural/religious backgrounds and how these have originated. 5.) Workshop to look at other fraternal orders that exist on both sides of the divide and their origins. It will further look at their associations with the AOH or Loyal Orange Institution. 6.) Visits to AOH and Loyal Orange Institutions museums/headquarters that will give participants a deeper insight to the different fraternal organisations.6.) A final workshop that will review the previous presentations and draw up a summary of the similarities and differences that has been found.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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