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Ormston House, Mobile Application

1st Sep 2020
to 30th Nov 2020

Age Range

Ormston House will collaborate with a local historian and a local software developer to co-create a mobile app mapping the history of women in Limerick City. The user-friendly interface will inspire programmed events and projects as well as self-directed walks with images, text and audio clips geo tagged throughout the city.

They want to create a new resource for artists, community partners and visitors to Limerick City. They will work with award-winning historian and National Heritage Hero, Sharon Slater, and Creative Industry expert, Dr. Alan Dormer, to create a free mobile app. For the launch in November 2020, they will create 25 points on the map of Limerick City honouring 25 women throughout the history of the city: from Órlaith íngen Cennétig to Frances Condell.

Each point will include an image (drawing or photograph), a short text and an audio-recorded story. There will be three updates over 12 months after the launch to create new points/walking routes on the map.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.


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