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6th May 2024
to 20th Jun 2024

Age Range
5-8 and/or 9-12

Castlebar Primary School

Castlebar Primary School

Our Artistic Response and Retelling of the Irish Legend the Children of Lir

This great project combines music, drama, visual arts, literature and digital design to bring this cherished Irish legend to life in a unique and enchanting way.

At the heart of the project are the 3 original songs, crafted by the children themselves in response to the Lir saga:

  • "Bi Sona": A haunting melody reminiscent of a mother's lullaby, echoing the love and longing shared between the Children of Lir and their departed mother.
  • "Bean Dubh Granna": Enveloped in melancholy, this song channels the anger and defiance of the transformed swans as they confront their malevolent stepmother, Aoife.
  • "900 Years": A triumphant anthem heralding the end of a millennium-long curse, celebrating the Children of Lir's eventual return to humanity.

These compositions will be professionally recorded and shared via YouTube, on our school website, inviting our school community to immerse themselves in the emotional journey crafted by our young storytellers.

The children will create accessories to signify each character using upcycled cardboard and textiles, paint, twigs and leaves. 

Photographs will be taken of the children dramatising these scenes, through freeze frames. Finally, the children will use their digital skills to type up the story and the photos and text will be combined creatively to make books retelling the story of the Children of Lir.

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