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1st Jul 2023
to 16th Oct 2023

Age Range

Outdoor Creative Space

Project funding is sought to construct a creative space in our garden area at our training centre. A creative outdoor learning space for stimulating young peoples’ creativity, wellbeing and offering opportunities to untether from technology. The space will be used all year round to run creative activities that will engage with our centre’s young people (Age 16-21). We wish to create a space where trainees can feel motivated and inspired.  Our outdoor creative space will acts as an advocate for quantum creativity. Quantum creativity is an aspect of life that speaks to individual creativity, improvisation and how we operate as a whole within our environments. This includes what motivates, inspires, strengthens and nurtures our creativity.  Once we build this space May –June we will then collaborate with the Sligo creative community to run a programme of creative sessions during July- Oct. We have connected with Sligo Artist Network to run an Open Call to engage with Sligo Creatives to run these workshops, the Sligo Artist Network will also give mentor support where required. We have also reached out to our community neighbour, Sligo Woodland School to run a workshop and learning creative outdoor session. This will begin our programme of outdoor creative activity.

Project timeframe

Construction of Creative space: May –June

Programme of creative sessions: July – mid Oct

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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