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3rd Jun 2024

Age Range

Anita's Gallery


Overheard/ Conversations from the ‘Small Change’ Cafe

We have all done it haven’t we? Inadvertently eavesdropped in a café setting. Little fragments of conversation, snippets of gossip, nuggets of advice. It’s human nature after all. For the writer, these opportunities can spark our imaginations in writing for change. 

The Writers Moon Writers Group and Scariff Bay Community Radio have combined forces to create shorts pieces of radio drama set in the fictional 'Small Change' café. Each piece includes a reference to better environmental choices and small changes that we can all make to live a greener life.

Join us at the pop up 'Small Change' Café at the Mountshannon Arts Festival to hear the podcast and be part of an interactive discussion on the creative process of the project, a conversation starter on how we can use the arts to embed solutions to affect positive change in our work.

From June 3rd 2024, listen to the podcast at 

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