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Pairing artists and creatives with industry and multi-national campuses to promote the benefits of collaborative practice.

31st May 2019
to 30th Nov 2019

Age Range
All ages

5 different campuses in Galway City


The vision is that employees from each company will each work with a designer to apply their design processes and thinking to help each artist think differently about how they can approach their work with the aim of creating a new product while utilising new processes/practises specific to the paired multinational organisation.  This process will be quite different to how the artists and creative normally approach their own work and the aim of this approach is for each artist to think differently and create a new design piece which they would not have normally created previous to this opportunity.  The collaboration between industry and the artists will form a unique and interesting approach to thinking differently and how industry can help design within the creative sector. 

The vision is that the designers will create new product development ideas from the process which will further enrich their work, culminated by the creation of a new piece.  These new ideas can span beyond the project for the designers.  This will also provide companies with the opportunity to pass on their skills and learning's and throughout the process whereby they can also achieve learning's from the designers.

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