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Passing on Poetry

Passing on Poetry, is a publication of poetry and photos, that captures the essence of a woodland gallery in Lees Road Amenity Park, Ennis created by poet and musician Tony Maude. Tony  has gathered extracts from favourite writers such as Wordsworth, Yeats, Shakespeare, Kavanagh and Keats as well as his own work, presented on handwritten boards which are then hung in and around the trees, in a specific area of the Woodland Trial, much to the delight of passers-by.

The current initiative aims to capture the spirit of the live trail in a lasting collection of words and images, thereby passing on poetry to the wider community. There is also some original art work from local artist Anne Traynor. The collection includes work from The Haiku Garden, The Door to Fairyland and the Woodland Gallery, some of the themes of these poetry trails. The books will be freely available to children in schools and in our local libraries and beyond.

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