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27th Mar 2023
to 31st Aug 2023

Age Range
All ages

Pastel Terrazzo Sculpture by Laura Earley

As an artist, Laura Earley is passionate about exploring communities and industries within Co. Roscommon, such as her most recent topic of exploration; Roscommon’s Livestock Marts, all through an artistic lens. Lately, she been researching materials produced and found in Co.Roscommon for design and creative purposes such as ‘Terrazzo’. Terrazzo is defined as a material that ‘consists of marble chippings or granite, set in concrete and polished to give a smooth surface’. Terrazzo was and still is a very popular material manufactured in Roscommon, with its earliest production dating back to the 1940s when ‘Irish Mosaics Ltd.’ was first set up by John Crane. The project intends to focus on creating a number of terrazzo sculptures using aggregates extracted from local quarries. The intention is to create a body of work that represents Roscommon’s long-standing history of terrazzo and mosaic production, acknowledging Roscommon’s rich geological profile. The work will challenge the traditional usage of terrazzo which is often represented in a grey-muted colour palette. A series of concrete pieces that explore pastel pigments, organic shapes and three-dimensional forms will be created. It's important that the environmental impacts of this project are considered as only locally produced materials will be used where possible. The project will continue on the theme of my practice which aims to raise awareness of our heritage and increase knowledge and enjoyment of Roscommon’s heritage.

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