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21st May 2024
to 2nd Aug 2024

Age Range
5-8 , 9-12 , 13-15 and/or 16-18

Grange Resource Centre

N91 T956

Patterned Landscape: Mullingar Art Picnic

Partnering with Mullingar Youth Project, artist Jessica Daly will lead a series of workshops for young people exploring colour, pattern, and abstraction.

Mullingar Youth Project is a community-based youth work organisation providing key services to young people. Jessica Daly is a visual artist from Mullingar. She studied at the National College of Art and Design and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland.

Participants will be encouraged to seek out patterns and colours from the world around them. They will develop these patterns using a range of materials and techniques. Using Adobe Photoshop, their artwork will be into repeat patterns to be printed onto blankets, for use during a community picnic. 

Research has shown a link between social media and the rise in depression among young people. Daly wishes to address this problem by bringing the participants outside to socialise in nature.

The participant's unique blankets will be laid down in Mullingar Park, creating a colourful, inviting environment for them and the local community to sit and enjoy a picnic. More details on how to attend to follow. Keep an eye on Jessica’s Instagram for more information. 

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