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1st May 2022
to 16th Sep 2022

Age Range
All ages

Convoy Cottage

Bridge Street
F92 D2W2


Penelope’ is a collaborative work inspired by Homer’s Odyssey that merges poetry and music. Emily Cooper - a poet - and Daniel McIntyre (lullahush) - a musician - will write and record a piece that involves recordings from Donegal weavers. The project takes themes of home, travel, craft and collaboration from The Odyssey, an ancient work that is said to not have had one author, but was created whole from a polyphonic oral history.  A collaborative approach means that what is produced is something that could not have been made individually, in essence it will be a piece that is greater than the sum of its parts. By taking recordings in weavers as the basis of the work, we are situating the piece not only in Donegal, a place we consider home, but also within a tradition of craft that spans back an unknown number of generations.

See below, i a link to some of the artist's work:

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