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1st Apr 2023
to 31st Jul 2023

Age Range
All ages

People of the Kerry Biosphere

The Kerry event will be aimed at engaging with the community as a whole. It is intended to engage with local community groups to fortify interest in the event and to help raise awareness of the project. Ideally, we will have applications from a broad range of applicant, from a wide range of cultural and demographic background. The project will culminate in an exhibit that will be freely available to the public. We hope to engage the community in a creative project whilst also raising awareness about climate and biodiversity, and the cultural significance of the Biosphere region.

This project, led by the Kerry UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, aims to raise awareness of the bird species found within the biosphere, their importance to the natural and cultural heritage of the area and what people as stewards of their local heritage can do to protect and support them, through arts led engagement.

Artists and heritage practitioners will engage with primary school students, people with disabilities, men’s sheds and community groups in the area (who will be contacted directly) through workshops, webinars and organized walks and to produce artworks of the birds of the biosphere for an exhibition.

All events will be publicised in advance on Kerry Biosphere Reserve’s website and social media channels and will take place in a variety of venues throughout the series.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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