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1st Mar 2022
to 31st Dec 2022

Age Range

Perspectives - Gorm Media

"Perspectives" is an intersectional approach to creative digital media in Ireland. It is an online series that allows people in Limerick to critically and creatively engage in socially issues that affect contemporary Ireland. Why, because through common ground building and open discourse we can create a more unified society.

Gorm Media is a digital media organisation with a social impact. With a vision to spark a movement of unity and shared understanding, their mission is to unify communities by having young people use their voice.

The proposed "Perspectives" aims to combine two critical areas of creativity which are community/ cultural place making and digital media in a way that allows for diverse audiences to use their voice. They set out to create an intercultural digital space in which audiences will create digital media that include the voices of a diverse range of speakers/contributors who will be taking part in creative tasks that uncovers social issues that affect contemporary Ireland.

Gorm Media will be putting out an open call for people to participate in the project this week, to use their voice on the platform. 

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