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1st Jun 2023
to 30th Jun 2023

Age Range
All ages

Phoenix FM from 1988 to now Exhibition

An Audio Visual and Interactive exhibition of the history of Phoenix FM 1988-2023 will celebrate 35 Years of Community Media in Dublin 15. The Phoenix FM from 1988 to now exhibition charts the history of community media in Dublin 15. This will be a multimedia, creative exhibition with audio, picture and archive artifacts. The focus will be on the
people who built the station and kept it going over the years. As Phoenix FM gathers material to build a permanent archive of community media in Dublin 15, this is a great opportuntiy to tell its history. Community media is media owned and controlled by the community. Phoenix FM has been making radio in Dublin 15 for 35 years now in one form or another and has a rich and deep story to tell. Thousands of people have come through the doors of the station, some brief visits, some fleeting but often local guests arrive as guests and stay as volunteers. The exhibition will be chronological, told in date order through the people who worked in and built the station, though Audio Visual and Website (QR codes) of  displays. 

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