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7th Jul 2024

Age Range

Books at One Louisburgh


Poetry and Place

Join us for an evening of poetry that promises to inspire and engage audiences of all ages. We’re delighted to showcase three talented poets from our community, each offering a unique perspective on life, nature and the essence of Mayo, through their evocative work.

Geraldine Mitchell: With her profound connection to nature, Geraldine’s work illuminates the beauty of our local landscapes in ways that will resonate deeply with listeners.

Ger Reidy: Drawing on his life as a Mayo farmer and civil engineer, Ger paints vivid portraits of rural Ireland, inviting us to explore both the beauty and the hardship to be found there.

Katrina Dybzynska: With an outsider’s perspective, as a Polish poet living in Mayo and writing in English, Katrina’s poetry offers fresh perspectives on our shared environment, enriching our way of seeing ourselves and the landscape.

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