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1st Jun 2024
to 31st Oct 2024

Age Range
All ages

Cork City Council Archaeology


Positively Medieval - Phase 1: Research

Interpreting the ground beneath our feet through visual art - a multi-disciplinary visual arts and archaeology collaborative initiative focussing on the archaeology at the medieval heart of Cork City on North Main Street. 

During the winter of 2021/22, archaeologists uncovered 12 buildings from the late medieval period, marking the first investigation of buildings at the front of the street. These findings provide a valuable glimpse into the lives of medieval Cork residents, revealing evidence of everyday life from the 12th to 14th centuries. The excavation uncovered structures built from wattle and daub, sill-beamed timber, and stone, extending 3 meters below street level.

Phase 1 of this project will involve assembling a team of artists and archaeologists to collaborate on the exhibition, creating a database of participants, sharing excavation results, and familiarising the team with the artefacts. Local community groups will be consulted to ensure appropriate public engagement.

The project team features Dr. John Sunderland (Artist and Archaeologist), Matt Durran (Glass/Ceramics Sculptor), and Sarah Baume (Author/Visual Artist), along with specialists Dr. Penny Johnson (Plant Remains) and Debbie Sutton (Archaeologist).

A public lecture during Heritage Week will be given by City Archaeologist Ciara Brett and lead artist John Sunderland introducing the project in preparation for public dissemination and engagement with a fabrication and exhibition phase to follow in 2025.

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