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Print your natural Enniscrone surroundings

Maggie Hollins a textile artist who recently moved to Enniscrone, she approached the West Sligo Resource Centre at Enniscrone with the idea of a workshop mapping a local area using found flora.The plants collected from the local surrounds would be placed on material to create the design. This would then be bundled and steamed for a few hours. The heat releases the colour from the flora used and a pattern or shape of the plant would then be visible and permanent on the material.  Participation in this workshop would build on Sligo’s natural assets to inform and celebrate placemaking in partnership with our local communities. This project would also cultivate awareness of County Sligo’s unique natural environment by using local flora.  By collaborating with each other we are building on the existing relationships within our community to make creativity and the arts accessible to all groups, including minority and marginalized groups.

Plan of day

10-11am- Introduction to the workshop followed by a walk to collect some foliage from the local area.11-12.30pm- Mordanted silk bandana given to participants to decorate and bundle with A4 paper then place in dye pot.

12.30-2.30pm- Dye pot cooking (12.30-1.30 lunch–supplied)

1.30-2.30pm- Demo of A4 book and participants make one practice A4 size concertina book

2.30-3pm- Unbundle and discuss result. Take home a botanically printed silk bandana and botanically printed sheets of A4 paper to use as small book, cards or wrapping paper.

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