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10th Jul 2019

Age Range
All ages

Sligo Central Library

Stephen Street

Púca Puppets event

A storytelling and puppet performance to celebrate and mark the arrival of three new baby elephants in Dublin Zoo. Inspired by a Panchatantra Hindu animal fable from India, simple paper sets and puppets are used to re-enact, this gentle and imaginative tale of the small saving the large. The children have a chance to respond to the piece through drawing at the end.

Ba mhór ag Púca Puppets Na Luchóga agus na hEilifintí a chur os bhur gcomhair. Fabhal ainmhithe de chuid Panchatanta Hindu ón Ind atá ann. Ag brath ar líníocht, ar pháipéar agus ar phuipéid, léireofar an scéal álainn seo. Tá teachtaireacht ar leith ann- cabhraíonn an té ‘beag’ leis an té ‘mór’.

Founded in 1997 Púca Puppets produces shows for both children and adults in various contexts – from Dublin Canals to Meeting House Square, in theatres and festivals from Ballymun to Bangkok. Popularly Púca is mis-translated as ‘ghost’ but in fact a Púca, ‘Puck’ in English, is a mischievous spirit who delights in changing shape. Often appearing as a horse, but with the power of human speech, it tries to entice people onto its back to take them for a wild ride.

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