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1st Jul 2023
to 31st Oct 2023

Age Range
All ages

Pure Ballina 2023 - 'The Problems'

In 2023, #PureBallina! is set to achieve a remarkable milestone as it adds the fifth mural to its prestigious Street Art program. 

Since 2019, the Street Art program has showcased exceptional community engagement and collaborations with international and local artists. Each year, a professional street artist has been commissioned to create a flagship piece of art in the town and work with a community group over a series of sessions to develop and paint a Community Wall. 

To date, #PureBallina! have worked with FrizMaser, Canvaz and Sums under the themes ‘The People’, ‘The Place’ and ‘The Past’ and ‘The Possibilities’ respectively. 

In this upcoming instalment, themed 'The Problems,' the Mayo Mental Health Association will partner with an internationally renowned artist, to craft a mural that delves into the challenges faced by individuals dealing with mental health difficulties, encouraging them to seek support. #PureBallina! remains a a facilitator of artistic excellence, community involvement, and positive change.

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