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2nd Feb 2021
to 15th Aug 2021

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Rathgall Hidden Heritage Project

This project will support the promotion and presentation of Rathgall Hillfort, an archaeological site of exceptional importance located in south west County Wicklow. Excavations were undertaken at Rathgall by the late Prof. Rafferty from 1969-75 and again in 1979, and proved monumental in many ways, not least the sheer scale of discoveries. There were over 3000 Bronze Age artefacts discovered, and 10,000 finds in total, which is more than any other site in Ireland before or since.

The Rathgall investigations also revealed it to be a site of international importance, transforming our understanding of the development of Irish Hillforts by providing evidence of intensive occupation of the site in the middle to late Bronze Age period, whereas previous to this, Irish hilltop enclosures were understood to be of a later of Iron Age date (as in Britain and elsewhere in Europe). Among the treasure trove of finds, are glass, bronze and stone objects, clay moulds, gold and glass beads and other artefacts. The sheer scale of artefacts discovered, and the subsequent analysis and archiving of same has led to the time delay in producing a publication on the site to date. There are two main outputs from the Hidden Heritage project; creation of a long awaited print ready publication and an oral history project.  

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