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Recreation of local museum item collection as 3D objects

11th Sep 2019
to 15th Oct 2019

Age Range
All ages

35 Whitethorn Grove, Letterkenny, Co Donegal(Internet)

35 Whitethorn Grove
F92 VXT3

This project is created to share knowledge about values that County Donegal have to offer: "rich cultural heritage of archaeology, museum and archival collections"

The whole project can be divided into two separate stages: Data Collection and Data Processing.
The project objective is to introduce our local museum item collection(as much as possible) to anyone with internet access for free without any time limitation.
Photogrammetry equipment, knowledge and experience will be used in archival to connect it with 3D graphic knowledge and publish it via service.
There's currently a lack of digitization as 3d objects Donegal County Museum item collection, there's a weak  Museum item collection access by internet (other that document and photos) and this project will also create an image of Donegal County Museum as a more technology modern friendly place.


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