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4th May 2021
to 30th Sep 2021

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All ages

Recycled Copper surrounding Bog Oak Sculpture in Water Feature

Ballinahown Development Association commissioned a bog oak sculpture as a centre piece of a Water Feature in the public carpark to mark the new millennium. The bog oak sculpture was created by Helen Conneely from Celtic Roots Studio. Heritage is a central theme with the project as the community of Ballinahown and the Midlands are closely connected to the bog. The sculpture connects the 5,000 years old bog oak with the community by bringing it to the centre of the community, the village central area.

Over the last 20 years, the wood has started to show some decay with the water fountain in operation. They have introduced a copper case around the wood and plan to build a copper sculpture to compliment the oak. A community focus group discussion on the most appropriate materials to use and upcycled copper was selected. It is felt the brown copper with turn a rustic green colour in the Water Feature.  Helen Conneely will create the new sculpture and ensure its sustainability for the next 20 years.The new sculpture will combine elements of bogwood and copper.

The sculpture is located in the public car park in Ballinahown Village, located on the busy N62 road. This is one of the main routes connecting the Midlands with the South and Mid-West with thousands of vehicles passing each day. Ballinahown Village is on the route between Athlone and Clonmacnoise, a stop-off village for visitors tothe famous monastic site.

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