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16th May 2022
to 20th Oct 2022

Age Range


Title: Reflections

This project aims to give young people a platform to share their reflections on life as a young person, through the medium of creative writing, later developed for broadcast as a radio series. We provide an opening line or title which gives a springboard to open their creative mind. We ask that they respond in written form, how they respond to the title or opening is entirely up to them. Focusing on the idea of self-reflection, we are encouraging young people to tell the internal stories of this generation of Dublin 15’s young people. What the rest of the world see is just scratching the surface. This initiative promotes access and participation in the community, in arts and culture, in freedom of expression, in the media and encourages self-expression, confidence, self-belief and wellbeing. Phoenix FM's Constitution requires that our service is used:

As a medium for community expression & to ensure community access and participation;

To promote social inclusion and address disadvantage among communities in the D15 area;

To link community broadcasting, planning, production skills and training with community development needs and activities;

To empower minority groups and marginalized members of the community through access and participation in programme making and the running of the station;

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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