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5th Sep 2024
to 30th Sep 2024

Age Range
All ages

St Anne's Park

St Anne's Park

Saint Anne’s Park Community Archaeology Excavation

Saint Anne’s Park beckons explorers to unearth its hidden stories as it enters its third year of community excavation. This inclusive endeavour, pulsating with the spirit of collaboration intertwines Dublin’s archaeological heritage with the vibrant tapestry of its community.

In partnership with Dublin City Council, dedicated community members, and seasoned archaeologists, this project ventures deep into the historical layers of the park’s landscape. Beyond mere excavation, it serves as a catalyst for growth, offering training, responsibility sharing, and educational opportunities.

The impact of such initiatives transcends the mere unearthing of artefacts. They serve as pillars of place-making, fostering social cohesion and enriching our understanding of the past. As the journey continues into 2024, the project eagerly embraces new horizons.

This year marks the integration of Transition Year students into the excavation efforts, dedicating Tuesdays to their involvement. Furthermore, the project extends its reach to include residents of Direct Provision centres and other accommodations, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all.

Saint Anne’s Park awaits, ready to reveal its secrets and forge connections that bridge the gap between past and present. Join the expedition and become part of a narrative that celebrates the resilience and unity of community.

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