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Samhain Food Festival, Meath


Two women in robes perform with fire

2nd Nov 2023
to 5th Nov 2023

Age Range
All ages

Samhain Food Festival

Samhain – a Gaelic seasonal festival which marks the end of the harvest season & the beginning of winter or darker half of the year. It is said Samhain marked that time when the veil between this world & the otherworld thinned & spirits could pass over more easily; & so were appeased with offerings of food & drink, thus ensuring the people & their livestock survived the dark days ahead. A festival of great gatherings & feasts, welcoming others to the table, words exchanged for food & drink, contests were held & sacrifices were made. 

Samhain Festival for 2023 (Thursday 02nd to Sunday 05th November) takes many of these elements to the Heritage Town of Kells, Co Meath; for a magnificent weekend celebrating the coming together of 5,000 years of Irish Food & Culture. More than just a means of survival, the food we eat and our attitude to it, is influenced by external factors along with tradition, family our beliefs and practices. The Samhain Festival of Food & Culture will take you on an exploratory journey, a feast for enjoyment and curiosity, with a great line up of Chefs & Food Writers; Cookery Demonstrations; Farm Tours; Farmers Markets; street artists; meet the makers; children's workshops and plenty of lovely food tastings!

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