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7th May 2023
to 14th May 2023

Age Range

San Aer - Flight of the Swift

San Aer – Flight of the Swift is a series of workshops, meetings, talks and training exploring The UNESCO Earth Charter, biodiversity and how we can make small changes for ecological integrity. We explore themes of flight with all ages, encouraging intergenerational community workshops, including building 14 swift nest boxes.

Why Swifts?
Swifts in Ireland are in decline, we have lost 40% of our swifts in the last ten years. They are now on the amber list of birds of conservation concern. We are aware of just one nesting pair left in Monasterevin.

Migratory birds connect people, ecosystems and nations. They are symbols of peace and of an interconnected planet. Their epic journeys inspire people of all ages, across the globe (inclusive, like the Earth Charter)

The Earth Charter is a document with 16 principles inspiring a global movement for building a just, sustainable and peaceful world. It is the product of a decade-long, worldwide dialogue on shared values. The Charter offers a sense of interdependence and shared responsibility for the well-being of all people, the greater community of life, and future generations. 

San Aer Flight of the Swift project will consist of 3 main workshops (with 2 additional optional meetups), the first two workshops will open a discussion on the habitat of the swift, but also on the connectedness of life. We hope that this will be the baseline of the project a continuing dialogue throughout, as we gather and collect community stories.

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