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Scrap and Scratch

Our project is based on making art materials from scratch and tools from scrap. The project focuses on how to get the full creative potential out of children by inventing and adapting learned techniques.

This project evolved from a first meeting with the group in a one-hour workshop: making chalk, and using clay, paint, plaster and tools I had invented from scrap materials The group was a mix of 6- to 13-year-olds and they responded really well to the creative processes involved. The children loved the fact that the rolling pin was a brush handle and the clay cutter was made of an old guitar string. They enjoyed rolling the clay and were very eager to have a go mixing the paint and plaster and then pouring the mix.

From this workshop, I gathered what it was that “hooked” the children: they worked well with small tasks and it was from this that I derived the idea for the project. 

This project is exciting for children because it legitimises getting dirty hands and has a direct, tangible artistic outcome.

The group is interested in visiting a local Art venue so I have arranged for a special workshop to take place at the Dock Arts Centre. This will be in conjunction with an exhibition by renowned co-founder of the National Sculpture Factory and Aosdána member Maud Cotter.  Her exhibition in September, in a consequence of a breather of air, is founded upon reusing discarded materials and recycling plastics – this interfaces neatly with our theme.

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