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16th Jun 2022

Age Range
9-12 , 13 - 17 and/or 18+

Irish Institute of Music and Song

Church Street

Seachtain na nÓg- Irish Music Day

Irish Music Day offers a holistic look at Irish music and culture that is practical, multifaceted and expertly delivered by the highly skilled musicians of the Irish Institute of Music and Song.

Bodhrán Building Workshop with Richard Molloy
Age: 12+
Duration: 3 hours

Maximum number of participants: 30

Through this Bodhrán Building Workshop, young people will be taught to create their very own drums in a traditional style, working with their hands, learning about sound, craftsmanship and history. Participants will work to prepare their drums through sanding, cutting wood to fit crossbars, wetting and stretching the skin over the frame and applying tacks to hold it in place.

Richard will guide them through the techniques step-by-step and share some of the history associated with these drums, and their origins as farm tools and their connection to Irish life.

Irish Music Seminar and Open Session with Sarah Rogers and Breda McCarthy
Duration: 2 hours

Maximum number of participants: 50

Resident traditional musicians will explore the history of our native music with participants and use their playing skills to communicate the nuances of the style with a young audience. Sarah and Breda will then invite young musicians to join them in a set of tunes, allowing them the opportunity to play with some of the best in the country.

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