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Seanachás Shéain Néill Disc Recording

23rd Jul 2019
to 12th Oct 2019

Age Range
All ages

Caisleán Ór Hotel,

Caisleán Ór Hotel,
F94 WY03

This will be first of a series of 3 CDs of recordings and preservation of Folklore stories, recitations and poetry in the Irish Language. There is no such body of work available at the moment therefore, it is imperative that these valuable stories are recorded otherwise they will be lost forever. This project is culture and heritage based, promoting the Irish language. This will be a learning program for people who would benefit from the wealth of Irish from these stories. The quality of these stories, which were published in written form in the 1960s are no longer available, and in particular the content (eg: Fionn Mac Cumhaill, Maolmhuire an Bhata Bhuí, Balor and the Evil Eye to name a few) and the fluency and eloquence which is a dying resource has to be preserved as part of our heritage and culture. Artwork for the finished product and web design for the advertising and selling of the product will be managed by a graphic designer recommended by the recording studio. This will run concurrently with the production schedule.

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