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1st Sep 2024
to 31st Dec 2024

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Sharing Glass Skills

Glass artist’s Adrienne Diamond and Collette Langan both living and working in Leitrim will work together with members of North Leitrim Men’s Group and Killenummery Men’s Shed. The members will have the opportunity to take part in two in depth glass workshops series and experience some of the different aspects of glassmaking. From intricate stained glass pieces to unique blown glass work. 

Sharing glass skills with people who may not normally have had the opportunity to take part in previously is something Collete and Adrienne are very passionate about and are now actively trying to connect with a wider audience to create a momentum in the visibility of the unique craft. Encouraging more people to question how it’s made how it can be repaired, conserved and created. Glass is an endlessly renewable resource and can be recreated, reused in so many ways, something the above Artist’s are highlighting within their practice.

As members of Glass Society of Ireland one of the main priorities is to bring more activities to local areas so that rural communities can avail of the expertise of members, and they in turn can become known for their work, it’s a symbiotic relationship, providing expertise and also people availing of it for education or commissioning work. It also builds awareness of what is already existing in the area. 

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