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"Sharing the space" at Webb's Social Farm

2nd Mar 2020
to 30th Jun 2020

Age Range
13 - 17

Webb's Social Farm


"Sharing the space" at Webb's Social Farm is a visual arts project that draws inspiration from the native wildlife and woodlands at an ancient Mass Pathway which inhabits this farmland in rural Carlow. Through this initiative Webb's Social Farm will offer art processes for intellectually and physically disabled and those suffering from mental health issues. Throughout the 10 week program, participants will collaborate to produce artwork exploring a variety of mediums using their surroundings on the farm as inspiration. The aim of this project is to provide an equal opportunity to experience creativity for people of varying abilities which will enhance feelings of well being and pride for participants, their families, peers and carers through the production, completion and display of art work.
"Sharing the space" at Webb's Social Farm provides a unique opportunity to connect people, ideas and community as artists, farmers, local community members and people of varying abilities work together to cherish Carlow's rich cultural heritage.

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