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7th May 2021
to 6th May 2022

Age Range
All ages

‘Silver Lining’ Zoom Calls

‘Silver Lining’ Friday zoom calls have proven to be a social and cultural lifeline for the Forget-Me-Not choir members with as many as 100 seniors and carers dialling in. They look forward to the calls and are full of chat when they see each other’s faces. They are delighted to sing a song, recite a poem, recall a memory, tell a story or just listen and enjoy the session.

The members love the joy and inclusion that these calls achieve which is literally priceless. They laugh heartily together but also feel comfortable being able to cry with each other when they get emotional. It might be a special old song, it might be that they haven’t been able to hug their grandchildren, it might be the recent passing of a close loved one or friend, it might be that their loved one with dementia is deteriorating and they’re finding it very hard to cope.

This project keeps many distanced seniors and their families online, connected, and most importantly, creatively engaged in the Dublin NorthEast region.

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