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8th Nov 2021
to 1st Mar 2022

Age Range
All ages

Sióg - Live Research and Development

Freshly Ground Theatre will conduct live research and development as part of the ongoing preproduction phase for their project Sióg - an outdoor site-specific promenade piece which is to be performed at a fairy trail site for young audiences and families.

This R&D process would encompass research into the themes of Sióg, talking to relevant experts in preparation for further development of the piece as well as supporting a period of intensive workshopping for them to collate their research materials into a narrative and story arc to be used as content for the performance of the piece.

The group intends to take two days out of this research and development time to meet with a design specialist, to help create the aesthetic and storyboards for the design of the project for future developments, and a seanchaí - an Irish storyteller, who will provide them with information and stories featuring fairies or the sí, in Irish folklore to help strengthen our story. They will conduct a “day of play” with a local children’s drama group to test out the material.

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