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5th Sep 2022
to 6th Nov 2022

Age Range
0-4 , 5-8 and/or All ages

Tymon Park

Dublin 24

Sióg Outdoor Installation

Sióg is a theatre installation project, blending live and digital elements to create a magical and immersive experience for early years children and their families. It centres around themes of stewardship and nature, through the idea of fairies in contemporary culture.

This installation will be based on the themes of Fairy mythology, the inter-cultural connections of their place in the modern world, the definition of magic and an examination of our personal relationship with our environment. We will collaborate with young people in local schools to design and build this installation while going on an exploratory journey together tackling the topic of climate action. The sharing of this work will be free for audiences to experience during their visit to Tymon Park-we want this work to be accessible for everyone with the option to visit by your own schedule. Our desire for this piece is to be equally fulfilling to experience alone or with a group of friends and family and engaging across a broad age range. This project will be completed for October 2022.

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