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1st May 2020
to 30th Aug 2020

Age Range
All ages

Summer in the City Block Party

O'Connell Street

SITC Creatives Collective

SITC Creative Collective comprises of local artists specialising in arts and crafts. We will come together to create large scale interactive arts pieces that will decorate the city, engage young and old alike. This will create employment for local artists, adorn the city, create memories/photo opportunities and create interactions between the public / tourist – art and artists. It will further strengthen the collaboration between the local arts community and the cities longest running summer festival.

The SITC Creative Collective will work under the theme ‘A City Working Together – Summer in the City’. The final pieces will be placed in the festival hubs throughout the Summer months. Creating large scale outdoor art e.g flowers, heads, sculptures and canvas murals.

This theme we will create a cohesive offering of outdoor festival art that will encourage the public to stop and engage with the festival, their surrounding and the local community and businesses alike.

At the heart of this project is the artistic community and the wider community at large. Creating employment opportunities for local artists, while skills sharing and creating an artistic and interactive festival experience. We will highlight the talents, abilities and creative prowess of the artists involved through social media, press and finally on the streets. These art works will feature throughout the Summer months in all areas of the city as part Summer in the City music and arts festival. 

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