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5th Jun 2021
to 20th Jun 2021

Age Range
All ages

George's Street, Newbridge

George's Street

Small Steps

'Small Steps' is an outdoor miniature exhibition held in Newbridge by Kildare Art Collective, featuring the work of 20+ local artists. This project provides an opportunity for optimism and escape as we anticipate better times ahead. While the picture is far from certain, Kildare Art Collective are taking small steps towards June fest and their plan is to match their small steps with small scale work.

The project acknowledges limitations imposed on the population but also that the longest journey starts with one step. The miniatures are an expression of the beginning of a longer walk towards better days.

Artists are asked to consider what they most look forward to when restrictions are lifted.

These small scale works delightfully anticipate the varied ways in which we are preparing to live and work when real life resumes.

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