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7th Aug 2024
to 30th Oct 2024

Age Range

Museum of County Life


Social Therapeutic Horticulture Facilitation Forest Walk

Nicola Caroll will be leadering a group of carers through a series of walk as part of our Social Therapeutic Horticulture Facilitation.  The walks will help new members explore the beautiful grounds of the National Museum of Country Life and connect with nature in a serene and supportive environment.  This event invites you to immerse yourself in the lush greenery, discover the diverse flora and experience the calming effects of the forest.

The walk will offer insights into the therapeutic benefits of nature and horticulture.  Whether a person is looking to relax, learn, or simply enjoy the outdoors, this Forest Walk provides a perfect opportunity to rejuvenate mind and spirit in the beautiful grounds of the Museum. 

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