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Sounding Architecture: Group Music Making

30th Aug 2019
to 16th Oct 2019

Age Range
All ages

Glenveagh Visitors Centre

Glenveagh National Park

The project aims to build a community and activity around new approaches to making music in Donegal by actively involving a group of 10-15 interested people in the in the low level activity of instrument building from raw materials to the high level of public performance. Group members will build instruments designed by the Artist in a series of six workshops- structured around six parts, six types of instrument, six rooms, six distinct musical sections.
This project will shine a light on the architectural merit of the Glenveagh National Park Visitors Centre, which follows a fine tradition of 20th century Modernist architecture. The group will be taught how to teach each other through improvisation techniques, so that the music composition can be devised collaboratively.

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